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If unstable or broken teeth are left unprotected they can fracture


As we age our teeth can also be subject to increasing strain, which often results in permanent loss of tooth structure. This process occurs by general wear and tear, trauma, a grinding habit, a high acid diet or tooth decay. If unstable or broken teeth are left unprotected, they can fracture resulting in more expensive treatment or loss of the tooth.

Crowns sometimes referred to as ‘caps’, offer superior durability and strength when compared to very large fillings. They are made of a sturdy gold alloy and/or porcelain, which is prepared by the dentist, then formulated by a dental technician to construct a custom fit that matches the shade of your natural teeth. It is a painless procedure that requires two appointments.shutterstock_611274782White

Crowns have three main purposes:

  1. To strengthen weakened teeth
  2. To improve the colour and shape of teeth (porcelain crowns)
  3. To provide the best seal to prevent bacteria from leaking under the restoration

Existing large fillings and extensive tooth decay can weaken teeth to the point where cracking can occur, which can lead to a more serious fracture. While broken teeth can sometimes be temporarily patched up with a simple filling, ideally a stronger material needs to be considered to replace the lost tooth structure and prevent further extensive cracking.

More extensive fractures can approach the nerve resulting in a lot of pain to the patient, which then requires root canal therapy to save the tooth prior to placing a crown to strengthen and preserve it.

Unfortunately some fractures can extend right down into the root and no option of a filling or even root canal therapy can then save the tooth. This also causes a lot of pain and the tooth will require extraction. A simple crown could have prevented this tooth loss if it had been placed earlier.


Provides a permanently fixed false tooth to fill the space from a missing tooth

In the unfortunate event of tooth loss, a bridge may be the answer for you. A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth by anchoring to adjacent teeth. It is formed in the same way as a crown only with 3 parts or units that are connected.

When a tooth is removed more pressure is placed on the surrounding teeth leading to faster deterioration from the increased load. By replacing the missing tooth, stress on adjacent teeth is reduced increasing the longevity of the teeth and preventing other affected teeth from tilting or

Having a custom bridge placed can serve 4 main functions.

  1. Protect the anchoring teeth if they have been weakened by large fillings or decay
  2. Prevent tooth movement of the anchoring and opposing teeth
  3. Improve the aesthetics by filling the space from the missing tooth
  4. Create a more stable bite surface, which helps with chewing

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