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Dental Implants

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Gives you back your smile and bite

If you are missing any of your teeth dental implants provide a fixed replacement which gives you back the sensation of having strong natural teeth.

The loss of a tooth affects the well-being of your mouth as each tooth acts to work with the adjacent teeth. We see many people with missing teeth who suffer with oral discomfort and instability.

Many of our patients have discovered the advantages of dental implants to either improve their appearance by filling in a gap or by giving stability to false teeth to allow better chewing and laughing!

The technology for implants has been developed and improved over the last 50 years and in most cases will last for life. The procedure involves having a titanium screw fitted into the bone with a permanent false tooth or crown attached above the gum.

We can arrange for the placement of dental implants with associated crown or denture work for your individual case.  In some cases we will refer a patient to see a specialist to manage the placement of the implant, followed by the final restorative work being completed by one of our dentists.

For patients who have a level of anxiety in relation to dental implants we offer ‘twilight sedation’ for their comfort and convenience.

Ask any of our dentists about how dental implants can improve your mouth and they will discuss with you a variety of solutions based on dental implants, which can dramatically improve your quality of life by increasing your comfort and also your self-confidence.