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Zoom Whitening

We have reduced the cost of chair side whitening with the ZOOM light to $550 and home whitening kits to just $250!

Smiling is a contagious way to brighten anyone’s day!
Unfortunately it isn’t always easy to flash a pearly white smile as not many of us have naturally white teeth.
A number of factors can affect the colour of teeth including:
  • The natural ageing process
  • Strong coloured foods or beverages like tea, coffee and red wine
  • Nicotine stain from smoking
  • Use of some medicines early in life during tooth development
  • Build- up of plaque and tartar
  • Trauma to teeth causing the nerve to die and the tooth to go dark
Whiter teeth can help in the following ways:
  • Giving a good first impression
  • Feeling fantastic for a special event such as your wedding
  • As a confidence boost thanks to an extra sparkly smile
Before recommending tooth whitening for you, we will diagnose the cause of your tooth discoloration. Then we will recommend the best procedure to help you achieve your ideal smile. If your teeth could benefit from whitening we have 2 methods to choose from either:
‘Take home whitening’ or ‘Chair side Whitening’ with the ZOOM light
The end result of both whitening procedures is similar only the home whitening takes about 2 – 3 weeks compared to the 1- 2 hour appointment of the power whitening with ZOOM
For take home whitening we recommend wearing a custom made bleaching tray with either the Nite White (22% Carbamide Peroxide worn for 1 hour once a day) or Nite White (10% Hydrogen Peroxide for people with sensitive teeth worn for four hours (or overnight).
ZOOM Whitening is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results. The system is light activated with the ZOOM lamp and the soft tissue is protected with guarding barriers to prevent the bleaching gel from contacting the surrounding gums or lips. This method takes approximately 2 hours (a professional clean is recommended a week before Zoom treatment), in the dental chair and the patient leaves with whiter teeth. Home whitening trays are included along with a kit to allow further at home whitening after the ZOOM procedure.
With either procedure we register your tooth shade before and after whitening is completed. We provide you with instructions and complimentary de-sensitizing products which reduces sensitivity and enhances the whitening process.
Please note we recommend a full dental examination and clean prior to commencing with any whitening procedure.
Some patients may experience sensitivity during and after ZOOM whitening, especially younger patients. We recommend patients under 20 years of age choose to whiten with a home bleaching system rather than with Advanced Power in chair ZOOM whitening. We do not recommend or provide any type of whitening treatment for patients under 16 years of age.