Fun & Games

Hi kids – welcome to your own page on the Complete Dental site

Teeth are VERY special – they help us to eat, talk AND SMILE!

We want you to find out just how amazing your teeth are, plus how to look after them AND… have some fun while you are visiting us – so get ready to SMILE with those beautiful teeth!

Here are some Toothy Jokes for you –  

Why does a vampire clean his teeth three times a day? – To prevent bat breath!

What’s the best thing to put into a pizza? – Your teeth! 

Why is a toothless dog like a tree? – It has more bark than bite!

What has teeth but cannot eat? – A comb!

What does the Dental Therapist of the Year get? – A little plaque

Click below to play some TOOTH GAMES! 


What happens when you come to see one of our Dental Therapist’s at Complete Dental?

  • We can take your photo for our STAR PATIENT board and you can check out the smiles of other kids
  • We count your teeth with our little dental mirror – how many teeth do you have?
  • You can watch our TV when you lie back in the dental chair
  • We like to talk about how to keep your teeth clean and strong
  • Plus we like answering any tricky teeth questions!
  • And when we’re finished – you will receive a toothbrush bag with toothpaste and floss

Remember to keep your teeth STRONG

Don’t ‘RUSH when you BRUSH’- try to take 2 minutes when you brush your teeth every morning and night, with a grown-up to help check if all the plaque germs have been brushed away!

AND remember sugar is BAD for our teeth – so eat GOOD healthy food including fruit and vegetables, along with milk and cheese AND drink water for happy STRONG teeth!

Ok kids – see you at the dentist! 

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