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Security Advisement

Important announcement for Bastow & Chye Complete Dental Contacts.


On Friday 15/11/19 we were hit by a cyber-attack targeted through our email services.

Our protection prevented the attack from breaching our network and confidential data and files, however the attackers were able to extract a copy of our email contact list.

They are unable to do anything truly harmful with this information alone, however, they are now able to target our contacts with their SPAM emails to attempt to attack them also.

The mail will appear to be coming from us and may try to persuade you to click on attached files by using tempting language about “Your Invoice,” “Payment Details,” or possibly an upcoming shipment from well-known parcel companies.

Please talk with your IT professionals to assist you in identifying fraudulent or malicious email.


Detecting FAKE emails


ALERT Please take extra caution before Complying with any email requests by first reviewing the “From” email address. this email address should match the name it is supposed to be coming from.

A from field contains 2 parts. The Display name and the Address. The display name is always first, followed by an address.

You CANNOT receive a single email from MORE THAN ONE address.

Spammers are unable to change their REAL “From” address so will attempt to trick you, hiding a fake email in the display name.

See the below examples for a comparison




Email Attachments


Any attachments not ending in the standard document or PDF formats should be treated as suspicious.

If when opening an attachment it asks you to “Enable” or “Run” anything, DO NOT COMPLY.


Be Safe and Secure


Please ensure you update your computer and mail security or speak with your IT professional if you are receiving these spam mails to help prevent them reaching you.

Run a scan on your computer to ensure you are safe.

If you are unsure if a mail you have received from us is legitimate or not, please contact us.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused, and we have taken measures to protect against these attacks in the future.