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Why Us

We aim to care for our patients individual dental needs while making their dental experience with us as stress-free as possible

The check list below illustrates how we can accomplish quality ‘Complete’ care for you and you family:

  1. Emergency DentistryCall Now for an Emergency Appointment
  2. Extended opening hours
    To fit around your busy schedule we offer early evening and Saturday appointments
  3. Latest modern technology
    We have computerised files, low radiation digital xrays and utilise the most recent advancements in dentistry. We take pride in providing the best up-to-date treatment & materials available for our patients
  4. Comfortable environment
    With fresh modern facilities and a flat screen cable TV located on the ceiling in every treatment room to help you relax
  5. Cosmetic procedures
    Including bonded tooth coloured fillings, veneers, crown & bridge work
    READ MORE about our services
  6. Professional tooth whitening
    You can choose either ZOOM power whitening or home whitening to give you a lasting bright smile!
    READ MORE about whitening
  7. Teeth straightening
    Full braces or Invisalign or removable appliances can be used as part of our orthodontic program.
    READ MORE about our orthodontics
  8. Conscious Sedation Offered
    For nervous patients or more complex procedures
    READ MORE about IV sedation or ‘sleep dentistry’
  9. Preventative care for all ages
    Our team is motivated to help you achieve excellent oral health – especially when you see our Oral Health or Dental Therapists who love to educate & inspire their patients to do better to improve their dental outcomes
    READ MORE about our Oral Health Therapists
  10. Dental implants
    If you are missing teeth dental implants give you back the sensation & confidence of having strong natural teeth
    READ MORE about dental implants
  11. Wisdom teeth removal
    We offer IV (‘sleep’) sedation to reduce the distress of having your wisdom teeth removed
    READ MORE about wisdom teeth
  12. And most importantly – CARING staff
    We see you as a whole person and want to offer you individual treatment, in the same way we would like to be treated ourselves!
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