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Good oral health is vital for your overall wellbeing

Your Health and Dentistry

Many recent studies have shown that our general health is linked to our oral health. Achieving and maintaining good oral health does more than keep our breath fresh and our teeth white.

Some conditions that have been associated with oral bacteria include:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Some respiratory conditions
  • Stroke
  • Poorly controlled diabetes
  • Lower energy levels due to a compromised immune system 

To decrease the risk of these related health conditions as well as oral diseases, it is important to have a regular six monthly dental checkup along with a professional clean.

When you visit our Hygienists/Oral Health Therapists they will give you individual instructions to help you achieve the best oral hygiene routine, which is essential to maintaining good oral health. 

Five top reasons to see our Hygienists/Oral Health Therapists:

  1. Achieve a brighter whiter smile
  2. Prevent gum disease & cavities by following dental hygiene instructions
  3. Help maintain better physical and general health
  4. To keep your teeth for life
  5. Prevent bad breath (halitosis)

Our Oral Health Therapist’s top Hygiene Hints:

  1. Brush thoroughly twice daily with a soft toothbrush as per instructions
  2. Use dental floss or interdental brush daily to clean between teeth
  3. Use a tongue scraper regularly to decrease bacterial biofilm
  4. If using mouthwash select one with a low alcohol content
  5. Drink plenty of water daily to ensure healthy saliva flow
  6. Chew sugar free gum after meals to increase saliva flow & reduce acid levels
  7. Avoid ‘snacking’ on sugary food/drink instead limit treats to one main meal
  8. Avoid habits that stain your teeth – including nicotine
  9. Avoid acidic food/beverages as they cause erosion of the enamel (eg coke)
  10. Have a 6 monthly checkup and clean with your Dentist/ Oral Health Therapist

Please contact us on 3396 4094 to arrange an appointment if you would benefit from the preventative advice or care of one of our Oral Health Therapists.