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Oral Health & Dental Therapists

To enhance the “Complete” experience we have Oral Health and Dental Therapists on our team

Our Therapist play a vital role in our practice as they are qualified to perform a more focused preventative role leaving more complex treatment for the Dentists.

What is an Oral Health Therapist?

Oral Health Therapist’s have a dual role as a Dental Therapist and as a Dental Hygienist.

Dental Therapists:

Are qualified to care for our younger patients aged 4 – 17 years by:

  • Providing examinations, xrays when needed, along with clean and fluoride treatments
  • Look after restorative and preventative treatments for this age group
  • Therapists aim to give their patients greater confidence when visiting the dentist in these critical years
  • They are motivated to improve your child’s dental outcomes through oral hygiene instructions and dietary advice.

We accept health fund rebate as payment for children up to age 15 years when they are treated by our therapists. And if you are not in a health fund and your child is treated by one of our Therapist’s we charge children’s fees, which are considerably lower.

Dental Hygienists:

Care for patients of all ages but mostly focus on our adult patients by:family-dentist-teeth-smiling-300px

  • Providing their scale and cleans and gum care
  • They take time educating you regarding the importance of good oral health as well as helping with better strategies to improve your home maintenance.
  • They are trained in caring for patients with gum or periodontal disease.
  • Often it is our Oral Health Therapists who can give you advice about whitening your teeth or perform our Power Zoom whitening procedure.
  • They can help with improving bad breath (halitosis) and can answer questions relating to dental treatments and what latest products are available.

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